Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mahakali - The Saviour
Mahakali has forever been worshipped as the saviour of good in its perpetual struggle against evil. When even Gods were on the verge of being overcome by the demons, She manifested in this "Rudra" (angry) form and that was the end of seemingly unconquerable demons like Raktbeej. Her form - long, lolling tongue dripping blood, a garland of freshly severed human heads around her neck and snakes coiled around her arms and ankles in lieu of armlets and anklets - is enough to strike terror in the most evil of humans.
Her Sadhana means not just attaining courage and valour but also the divine grace of Shiva, her consort. Rudra Mahakali is the annihilator of all pains, afflictions, problems and enemies in one’s life. On her Sadhak she bestows perfect health and youth. Death cannot come uncalled to such a person. Her divine presence means birth of supreme conscience and intelligence. A hypnotic charm keeps radiating from the physique of a Siddh of Mahakali. Friends he has many and foes dare not harm him.
Like a mother, Kali fulfils all needs of a Sadhak and blesses him with wealth, fame, respect and a happy family life. And where she assures material prosperity, she also ensures spiritual upliftment.
The Sadhana of Mahakali can be started on any moonless night. Sit facing South on a black mat. Place a steel plate filled with black sesamum seeds before yourself. On it place Mahakali Yantra. Pray to the Yantra chanting thus.
Karaal Vadanaam Ghoraam Muktakeshim-chaturbhujaa Namaami Rakta Kaaleem Taam Mundmaalaa Vibhooshitaam. Ghor-raavaam Mahaaroudreem Shamshaanaalay Vaseeneem, Baalaark-mandalaakaar Lochana-tritayaa-nvitaam.
Offer vermilion and rice grains on the Yantra. Next chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Mahakali Mala -
Namah Aam Aam Krom Krom Phat Swaha Kaali Kaalike Hoom.
This is a fourteen day Sadhana. After the Sadhana throw the articles in a river on any full moon night.
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