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Psychosymbology is to control your own destiny. Psychosymbology teaches you how to contact that part of your brain which contains all the secrets of the ages - past, present and future- secrets which will send you soaring to heights of bliss, peace, and personal power.
It is the language of brain, is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to develop the greatest source of  human psychic power ever discovered  by man.
Biologically the left side of the human brain is conscious and rational and the right side of brain is unconscious and non-rational. The right part of brain is a vast and boundless sea of knowledge, wisdom, potential. It remains unused, untapped because people try to communicate  with it through the use of words. But the Unconscious does not understand words.
The very fact that you are reading this page implies that you are the type of person who wants to be in conscious and responsible control of invisible psychic forces and unknown potential. Practicing this science, no matter what you want, desire or need-- a wife, a sex partner, wealth, power, house, whatever it can be yours through the great vastness and magic of your sub-conscious mind.... the right brain.
Practicing Psychosymbology is easy, you have to concentrate of a specific symbol according to your need. Taped the symbol on a wall and focused your attention upon it every evening before going to sleep. During concentration on the symbol, left the entire work for your right brain, simply gazing at the symbol. By gazing at the symbol you are permitting your sub-conscious mind (right brain) to respond to that stimulus in its own way, with out dictating your desire, need or wish, you left every thing for the higher forces. The Unconscious knows what we need.
There are ten planet symbols which you can also use in Psychosymbology practices, each of which can evoke wonderful properties of your right brain. Your sub-conscious will react to these symbols as well and bring surprising results into your daily life.

The symbol of Sun  gives authority;

the Moon , psychic ability;

Mercury , insight knowledge;

Venus, love and beauty;

Mars, strength and power;

Jupiter, wealth and expansion;

Saturn, economy and prudence;

Uranus, revolution and transmutation;

Neptune, imagination and extra sensory perception;

and Pluto, occult powers and invisible aid.

Same way there are colors in Psychosymbology to brighten the lives. You have to choose the right color and then gaze the color with the thoughts you are going while you flash the color to your right brain. Here I am mentioning colors with a few of their possible meanings.

The list of few symbols are given as follows, take the print out or draw the symbol on a white sheet of paper, follow the rules carefully and meditate with patience. In case a symbol according to your wish is not given here, you can email me for a  symbol of your need.
  •  Paste the symbol on the wall at the level of your eyes, in sitting position.
  • Draw the symbol on a white paper with black ink, unless specified for a particular color.
  • Concentrate on the picture, using only your right brain.
·          Let the picture transmit to your unseen twin, the right brain....The symbol alone can contact your dormant and sleeping Unseen twin and arouse him into vigorous action field, like oil bubbling beneath the surface of the earth, your Unseen Twin awaits your call. Magic, Love, Power, Personality, Charisma, Dynamism, Strength, all of these things and more reside latent in your right brain. Symbols put you in touch with that little known side of yourself, and from Unseen Twin will emerge the joys and gifts you desire.

Power & Courage

Long Life

Self Image

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